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We suggest buying a case. It adds a bit of flair to an otherwise plain phone, but the copper accents are better on the Gloss Steel. The power and volume buttons are on the right edge, and they are satisfyingly clicky. The screen comes in at 5. HMD hit the build quality and design of this phone out of the park with the Nokia 7. This is an affordable phone in the body of a flagship.

It can also become dim when required, which is perfect for reading in bed at night. That means you can enjoy wider color support and stronger contrast when watching HDR-supported content through apps like Netflix and YouTube. The screen makes no compromises. What about audio? The headphone jack is always there when you want to plug in.

It zipped through the Android operating system and ran all our favorite apps. We did notice an occasional hiccup, though, and the phone can slow down a little when you juggle multiple tasks at the same time. Most games run well on this phone, but you may have issues with titles that are graphics-heavy. Its satisfactory day-to-day capabilities make it perfect for the average person.

That helps keep your phone up to date and secure, which is rare for phones in this price range. Budget phones often falter when asked to snap photos. It has two lenses on the back, both with Zeiss optics. Photos in general deliver accurate colors, and daylight shots are surprisingly detailed. The camera does have trouble focusing in dark conditions. Portrait Mode is available on the back camera, as well as the front 8-megapixel selfie camera. The cameras do a great job of identifying the edges of a subject, struggling only slightly with hair. On most days with medium to light use , we were able to squeeze out a full day of use out of the 3,mAh battery, with around 30 percent remaining by 6 p.

Xiaomi Mobiles. Oppo Mobiles. Best Battery Backup Phones. Mobiles with Fingerprint Scanner. Slimmest Phones. Ask a Question. Please write your question as a complete sentence while asking a new question. Write Your Question as a complete sentence, then press Ask a Question. How to record calls on Nokia 7. Asked by Ram Bhat 1 years ago. Nokia 7. Rajeev Jaiteley Loading Submit Answer. Recently Answered Questions. No, the Google Pixel 4 XL does not support 5G and it is quite a low key for the device as it is one of the most expensive phones out in the market.

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The 5G is a new technology and it will take time to grow and be settled and ready for users. Still, the devices should start making up for this technology. Tap the magnifying glass icon. Type WhatsApp into the search bar, then tap Go. Tap the "WhatsApp Messenger" item. You don't need to enable VoLTE. By default, VoLTE will be active. If it is not, you can change the network preferences from Network option in settings. Restart the phone and you are done.

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How to hide or protect apps on Google Pixel 4 XL? Many phones these days provide an inbuilt app locker. You can find this option as App Locker, generally under the Utilities option. You can simply open the option and select an app which you wish to lock. Now everytime you wish to open that app, you will have to enter the phone lock password or authenticate using fingerprint sensor, if your phone supports fingerprint.

Alternatively, if your phone does not support this feature, you can download the app named app locker from play store. Configuring it is easy. You will be asked to set a pattern lock when you launch it for the first time. Then you need to configure an E-Mail ID for security and backup purposes. Under the Privacy tab, you can find a list of apps installed. You can select any one of them to lock.

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Now whenever you open the app you have locked using AppLock, you will be asked for a password. You can also unlock it using your fingerprint. How to set custom ringtone on Google Pixel 4 XL?

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Well, sometimes you watch some movie and you want its tune as your ringtone. Happens right? It happened with me last when I watched Sherlock. Remember that violin tune.? Yes, so I got the tone and copied it to my phone by simply emailing and downloading it to the email ID configured on my phone. Once there, navigate to SettingsOpen the sound sectionFind the Phone Ringtone option and open itSelect a local ringtone and select the ringtone which was copiedSo, you are done. Each time your phone rings, you listen to your favorite tune.

How to hide photos and videos on Google Pixel 4 XL? There are some photos which are very personal you want to keep them only to yourself. If someone see them by chance, it becomes very awkward and embarrassing. To avoid that, you can simply install the Vaulty app and feel safe while handing over your phone to anyone:Go to the Play Store and Install the Vaulty App. Open the app and accept the terms.

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Set a PINYou are done. Simply add some photos and you can finally feel safe while handing over your phone to anyone. This is a feature which is there in all the iPhones. Yes, it looks cool when the LED light blinks whenever there is a notification. Let us see how android users can use the same on their phones. There is an app by the name of "Flash Notifications". Process is simple, download the app and select which all applications you wish to connect to Flash Notifications. You can configure settings like the length of flash, the number of times you want the flash. Once done, you are good to go.

You can simply test it by calling on your number from another device. How to make video calls on Google Pixel 4 XL? With the introduction of LTE, it is very easy for you to connect to your family members and loved ones even when you are far away. All smartphones offer this cool feature of video calls.

Nokia 7 plus : How to enable call notification pop up for Android One devices

Let us see how you can make calls to your loved ones using your smartphones. Most of the time, there is an inbuilt feature of video calls. Open a chat with a contact you want to call. Tap the phone icon with a lock. To start a video call, tap on the camera icon below your contact's name to allow the camera from your side of the call.

You will see "Dialing" and hear a dialing tone while waiting for the call to connect with your contactSome devices does not provide the inbuilt feature of video calling.