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It can feel like there are a million things to consider — from the practical decisions about property and finances to the emotional heartbreak of ending a relationship. Spousal Spying. What can I legally do to spy on my spouse in North Carolina?

How can I spy on my wife cell phone without touching her cell

You suspect your spouse is cheating — and you want proof. What to Do if Your Spouse Is Spying on You There are many methods, including monitoring your e-mail, phone calls and social media, that a spouse might use to spy on you. When you are thinking about wiretapping a phone, can what you learn be used as evidence?

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Ready For Help? Let's Get Started. There are some common resources that apply to most divorces. What is community property? What is separate property?

What to Do if You Think Your Husband or Wife is Spying on You

Can I evict my spouse? How do you divide a K or pension? Do affairs effect the division of assets? What is alimony? Will my spouse have to pay spousal support? Child support calculator How do we calculate child support? Can we modify child support?

Adjusting child support? What is primary custody?

Do judges prefer mothers? What are standard custody schedules?

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How do I get primary custody of kids? Persons aggrieved by conduct which violates the Wiretap Act will be more likely than ever before to obtain redress under its provisions. In White vs. White , a New Jersey husband complained his wife had hired an outside computer operator to copy e-mail files and images from his hard drive, and had then sent her a report on their contents. White claimed Mrs. White was guilty of violating the state Wiretap Act and that she had invaded his privacy.


Checking Your Spouse’s Phone: How Ethical Is It?

The court held that the Wiretap Act applies only to communications in transmission, not to those previously sent and saved. Thus, Mrs. White did not access any stored electronic communications.

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White had no reasonable expectation of privacy in the computer, nor did his wife invade his privacy, the judge commented. The judge noted that Mr. White was living in the sun room of his house due to the impending divorce and that Mrs. White and their three children went in and out of the room and had free access to the computer.