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To do that you need to deactivate the software, uninstall it on the target device and explain your reasons for the refund. The money will be returned to you. But in case you have any problems with the software or think it works poorly you can contact customer support and explain your issues to them. To contact customer representatives, go to support section on the official site of Spyera. In the drop-down list choose type of your problem. Spyera is working in any country.

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Users from around the world can use Spyera parental control software and monitor activity on the target devices without any restrictions. Spyera representatives claim they are very proud of the quality of the services they offer. But Spyera is not the only one parental software solution on the market. Follow such steps:. To start monitoring, Spyera app has to be downloaded and installed on the target device. Installation guidelines contain the information on how to download the application and activate it.

Note that remote installation of the software is impossible with Spyera. You will have to download the app and activate it on your own.

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Firstly, you need to purchase the software. You can do that from the official site of Spyera. There you can choose your subscription plan regarding the spying options each of them covers. After the payment is submitted, you will see a confirmation letter in your inbox. Here you will find further instructions.

The letter will also contain a link to a downloadable file. Copy the link and enter it in the browser on the target device to download the Spyera apk file. It is impossible to install Spyera software on the target device remotely. To perform the installation of the app, you need to have physical access to the target device. Make sure to enable installation from the unknown sources on the device.

Once you downloaded the apk file, open it. Then follow the instructions provided by the installer. After the installation is done, you can check whether the logs appear in your Spyera account.

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There are no restrictions regarding SIM cards. You can install Spyera software using one SIM card and then change it another. Spying software works regardless of SIM card use. You can install Spyera software on several devices only if you purchase all-in-one plan.

The plan covers three licenses for three different devices — PC, tablet, and smartphone. To purchase a plan you will need to submit one-time payment. The price depends on the subscription length. Your subscription can be renewed automatically.

You need to enable auto-renewal option when checking out, and the subscription will be renewed after the expiration. The app is installed on the smartphone and SIM card cannot interfere or hinder the work of the software. To start reading e-mails and SMS, you have to log in to your Spyera account.

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Here you can browse all the activity gathered or download a file with all the daily logs. What else can you monitor with Spyera? Your Spyera account will contain all the information regarding the target device. You can also look for keywords among the texts from the personal account. To do that type the specific word in a search bar and the software will display all the messages that contain that word.

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To start real-time ambient listening, you need to install Spyera application on the target device. You can call your child, and Spyera will pick up secretly. From that moment you can overhear what is happening around your kid. Spyera covers ambient recording feature. How to turn on the feature? Go to your Spyrea account and set the time for recording to start.

You can do it either by SMS command. Then Spyera application will start recording the sounds. Once the recording is completed, the sound file will be uploaded to your Spyera account. You can log in and listen to the recordings at any time. Many parents would like to have a chance to overhear some phone conversations of their kids.

Though, some say such information has to stay private. Should we comply with privacy restrictions when it comes to the online safety of a child? Parents collect their kids from school and meet their friends to make their child is safe when not home.

But it is not easy to find out what their smartphones hide. If sometimes we can ignore texts from strangers, it is not possible to ignore a phone call. Strangers and other dangerous people may reach your kid over the phone. The only one way to prevent it is to use parental control apps. Thankfully, Spyera allows parents to listen to phone conversations of their children.

You can listen to the conversations in real time. Once the call starts, you will be connected to the conversation secretly. You will be able to hear everything and remain unnoticed. You can record cell phone calls with Spyera. To start the recording, you need to turn on this feature in your Spyera account. The application will record the calls made and received on a target device and store the recordings in your account.

You can listen to them anytime. Spyera representatives claim they respect the right of every client to keep data safe and secured. All the Spyera users can completely delete their private data anytime. Complete delete means no logs or archives will be saved. They keep the information safe unless they are made to divulge it.

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Any time there is system upgrade or other news you should know, Spyera representative will contact you. Spyera is not only a parental control option. In case the device is lost or stolen, the app can continue working. Doing so does whatsapp spy software for android free download mark the message as read, so you can still get the idea of a messages contents without letting the sender know you saw it. Upon launching the app, you are presented with the real-time locations of all your family members. Top netvizor discount- best netvizor coupon.

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