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It was a relationship that you needed to be in to complete a contract from a past life, whether it is having children, helping [your current partner], or making up for hurting that person in another life. Cheating can also be a part of a destined action through the karmic debt owed to either of the partners in the relationship. If one person is cheating in a relationship, there is a chance that the person being cheated on in this lifetime may have cheated in a past life and is now being presented with both the challenge of having the roles reversed and the opportunity to learn from their mistakes.

Psychically, we are all magnetic fields, and we are all connected. We are all energy. When you connect with someone, that is your energetic match. It brings you together, regardless of your current situation. Your gita —the intuition in your third chakra that tells you whether something's good or not —is telling you that you need to be with this person. It's an electric charge and can cause you to cheat, especially if you are already in a relationship for one of the above reasons. The person being cheated on in this lifetime may have cheated in a past life and is now being presented with both the challenge of having the roles reversed.

What about people who are happy with their relationships and get everything they need from their partners and cheat anyway? There's people cheating just because they like the thrill of cheating, because they can get away with it. There's no reason to jump off a plane, but you skydive because it's an adrenaline rush. It runs through your body, and it's like raising your endorphins.

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Or they're cheating because they made a commitment to somebody at the wrong time because they felt pressure, and years down the road, they connect with somebody and instantly they have that connection—and that could be your soulmate or a connection from a past life or a rekindled flame. A past life soul connection offers a sense of comfort, nostalgia, and recharging at the same time. We have more than one soul mate, and the other person can be a soul mate calling and pulling you in a way that is difficult for you to understand or control.

You could be in a happy marriage, and still have this pull attracting you. People ask, Is it possible to love two people? And, yes, it is. You can connect with people in two completely different ways, which is an energy that is hard to describe—but it's an electromagnetic attraction.

Sometimes, cheating makes us reflect into our relationships and say what we have is not really bad. People do cheat because they're trying to be awakened. We have to go out there to explore to see that we are making the right decisions.

Karma stories for cheaters?

In these situations, is cheating a necessary part of someone's spiritual path? Is it ever justified? When you're cheating, you're cheating on yourself, not on your spouse. You're not making a true commitment to yourself. You need to ask yourself, Who am I, where am I going, and what is my life's purpose? It's important to have that before you have your wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am.

But the reality is, some people cheat because they're not getting what they want and they have not fulfilled their life's journey and purpose. So my suggestion is, go out and enjoy yourself so you will settle down.

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And you won't feel a feeling that you have to go out there and go cheat. The best thing to do is say, "I care about you, I love you, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to make this commitment. I need to go out there and explore, and then if I come back to you and you're available and we're supposed to be together, then we'll rekindle that relationship and both of us do not cheat.

It's better for you to cheat before you have a ring on your finger. If you can understand if the magnetic pull is bringing you to spiritual pleasure So, don't do it, but if you have to do it, do it before you're married?

Do cheaters REALLY get karma?

You have to listen to your gut. There are several different types of intelligence in the world, including emotional intelligence, which is vital for sustaining a happy, healthy relationship with another person. According to McRitchie, people with low emotional intelligence might be more inclined to cheating.

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Passion is a major motivator when it comes to making long term relationships last, and couples that lose the heat can feel the burn. Of course, there's never a good excuse for cheating, but some people might consider the lack of sparks a major cheating motivator.

This can happen to any relationship regardless of how long the people have been together. Ah, boredom in the 21st Century, something that doesn't seem possible, and yet here we are: Boredom is also common reason people cheat in a relationship, according to McRitchie. Chalk it up to genuine bad manners and utter disregard for another person's feelings someone like this would have a low EI , cheating on someone out of boredom is a sad reality for many people. There are also those who crave the high of getting caught — the illicit act of cheating is like a drug — and can sometimes be used as a way of coping much in the way drugs are used.

In times of stress, this person might reach for the next available sexual partner rather than turn to his or her partner for support. Of course, this goes back to requiring an open line of communication between partners to express dissatisfaction. They need to know that are still exciting, desirable, alive.

The act of infidelity can be what re-connects them to the person they used to be before they became invisible. This probably isn't the reason you want to hear, but some people cheat on their partners because they want to escape the relationship and don't know how to tell the other person. If they could use their words instead of their genitalia, everyone would walk away from the relationship a little less hurt.

Rather than admit that they are no longer in love with their partner they turn to another and they don't cover their tracks very well, they want to be caught — they want out but lack the bravery and emotional intelligence to put this into words. Sometimes it's a person's own lack of self confidence and self worth that can lead them down a path of infidelity.

Despite attempts to remain faithful, people who cheat due to a lack of confidence often do it again and again. In many cases, this person is often labelled a serial cheater — someone who can't commit — but who might do a very good job of convincing people that they can be trusted and they do want the commitment they seek. This person is usually want love Cheating for this person helps them cope with insecurities that can be crippling.

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