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It does all of the basic stuff. It can locate your phone within a certain distance.

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The app also lets you ring your phone, wipe your phone. The app is great because you can make a good attempt to find the phone.

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Those are the big two abilities for apps that find your phone. Updates in late added indoor map support for places like malls, stadiums, and airports for easier locating in areas like that. Cerberus has long been the name people think of when it comes to find my phone apps.

It has a diverse set of features that includes locking and resetting your phone, sounding alarms, displaying messages on screen, and it even has access to the front facing camera so you can take a picture of the thief. There is a free trial. Its entire purpose is to help you find your phone if it goes missing.

However, it is also more lightweight than something like Cerberus. It has the basic features like finding your phone, locking your device, and setting off an alarm.

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Most major carriers at least in the US have find my phone apps that you can use. Generally, the services cost money that gets added to your bill every month. However, in exchange, the carriers will help you find your phone.

They cost a varying amount of money. Generally, you have to sign up for an account through the company. You can then use that account to find your phone. The services are usually free and the phone will usually prompt you to set these accounts up when you first turn on your phone. However, you can do it at almost any time. We recommend digging around your Settings to look into it. However, there are still a few additional things that you can do to try to get your device back.

This should be the first thing anybody with a Google-enabled Android phone does. Unless we missed something or if your OEM disabled it for some reason , Find My Phone should be enabled by default for most people.

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Thus, as long as your location is enabled, Google should be able to find your phone. Click here to visit the Find My Phone website to try to track down your phone. You can also click here to learn more about Find My Phone.

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Without any sort of system or app in place, your best bet is to do the same old stuff. Call or text your phone to try to reach out to the person who might have it.

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Believe it or not, that does work sometimes. Sometimes reaching out and letting the other person know that you plan on taking action can scare them into returning the phone somewhere. Whoever has your phone can still answer phone calls. Unless you have them disabled, notifications can also show up on lock screens without unlocking the phone on devices running Lollipop or higher. Thus, there is a line of communication that you can try to take advantage of.

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  8. The world has some good people in it. Call your lost phone and see if whoever found it returns it. Additionally, you can retrace your steps to see if you left it somewhere. Check lost and found bins or customer service desks at stores you visited. You should definitely report your phone lost or stolen. This dramatically reduces the value of the phone. Immediately reporting the phone stolen to your carrier puts the phone on a block list and makes life hard for the thief. The GPS location tracking features really helps to those rescuers who are finding the injured and lost people, especially those skiers and hikers.

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    Cell Tracker Provides. Yes, Cell Tracker applications are going to allow you to get eye on all the activities take place on the targeted device Why You Need to Get on Cell Tracker? View Demo.